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Surface Preparation Products

TORQUE SERIES SURFACE PREPARATION PRODUCTS are used to insure the maximum performance of the TORQUE SERIES anaerobic adhesives and sealants. ADHESIVE SYSTEMS, INC., as a responsible manufacturer with concern for the environment, formulates these products with "non ozone depleting" chemicals. TORQUE PRIMER N and PRIMER T are used to speed the curing and increase the gap filling properties of TORQUE ANAEROBIC PRODUCTS. They are ideally suited for applications that require exceptionally fast fixture times on surfaces that are inactive. They increase the activity of the parts being assembled by priming the surfaces and removing contaminates that may be present. Both TORQUE PRIMER N and PRIMER T are solvent based products, and TORQUE PRIMER SF is a solvent free formulation. TORQUE SAFETY SOLVENT is a industrial strength cleaner that removes grease, oil, and dirt from the parts being assembled. Proper surface preparation on component parts that have a high level of contamination and/or involve inactive surfaces will greatly enhance the performance of the products in the finished application.

Surface Preparation Products
Item # Item Name Base Color Viscosity On Part Live
PRIMER T Torque Surface Preparation Products Heptane Green 2 cps Up to 7 Days
PRIMER N Torque Surface Preparation Products Heptane Bluish Green
2 cps Up to 30 Days
PRIMER SF Torque Surface Preparation Products Modified Methacrylate Amber
5 cps 24 Hours
SAFETY SOLVENT Torque Surface Preparation Products Acetone Amber
2 cps N/A

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