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 PAT Adhesive Sprayer from Gluefast

The PAT Sprayer for the PAT Adhesive Applicator from Gluefast

When you want to spray water-based glues or adhesives, the PAT Sprayer from The Gluefast Company, Inc. is the product to choose. Use the PAT Sprayer to apply adhesive for case and carton sealing, palletizing loads, or performing just about any other gluing application. Complete your adhesive system with the PAT Sprayer and see better results.

What is the PAT Sprayer?
The PAT Sprayer is an optional attachment for the PAT Adhesive Applicator. The Standard PAT uses extrusion glue heads, which allow you to apply a dot or line of glue approximately 1/4" wide. The PAT Sprayer allows you to apply a lighter coat of glue to a wider surface area. The PAT Sprayer disperses adhesive in droplet form, which allows for much faster setting times.

How Does the PAT Sprayer Work With the PAT Adhesive Applicator?
The PAT Sprayer is used with the PAT Adhesive Applicator, a self-contained unit comprised of a stainless steel tank, pressure gauge and regulator, handgrips, a rubber hose and safety relief valve. The glue or adhesive viscosity should be under 3,000 cps for optimum results.

Simply fill the tank with a water-based adhesive and air (10-90 psi), and you're ready to apply the adhesive with the controlled amounts you desire.

The PAT Sprayer has three individual controls on the spray gun itself:

  1. Trigger Pull - this controls the amount of glue applied.
  2. Atomizing Air Control - this limits the amount of air used to atomize the glue.
  3. Pattern Control - this controls the size of the spray pattern applied.

Features of the PAT Sprayer:

  • Applies a light coat of adhesive.
  • Applies adhesive to a wider surface area.
  • Ideal for uneven and porous surfaces.

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