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Hot Animal Glue Applicating Machine for Case Making

Introducing the most advanced animal/protein glue machine on the market today! Simply feed the cover into the gluer to apply an even film of glue, quickly and neatly. 

Adjusting two knobs controls the glue film. Operator feeds cover into gluer. Standard gluer presents cover glued side down. 

Available in the following roller widths: 20", 32", 42"


  • Direct heated glue tray with digital temperature control
  • Stainless steel rollers, glue tray and pick-off points
  • Variable speed controlHot Animal Glue Applicating Machine for Case Making
  • Teflon bushings
  • Shaft scrapers
  • Efficient 220/230 voltage, 50/60 Hz
  • Completely Covered Glue Tray
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Automatic Watering Mechanism to keep glue fresh and at proper solids content


  • Reversible Pick-Off Point Assembly presents operator with cover glued side up


Max Label Width 19" / 483 mm 31" / 788 mm
Roller Speed feet per min. 65-90" 65-90"
Feed-Table Dimensions 10.25" x 26.25" 10.25" x 38"
Net Weight 135 pounds 175 pounds
Glue Capacity Qts / L 3 / 2.8 5 / 4.7
Bench Space Requirement 14" x 27.5" 14" x 38.5"

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